American Civil War: Study 73
Study for a painting: American Civil War Mosaic Reading left to right,
top to bottom (1) Postcard from Trotsky Head (2) Hailing Poussin
(3) Postcard from Trotsky Head (4) Camp Wife, 31st Pennsylvanian Infantry,
camped near Washington (5) Forage cap (6) Prosthetic (7) Warrior bust
(8) West Tennessee hog (9) Confederate Five Dollar Bill (10) Colfax 1873
(11) Powder black infantryman (12) H T
(13) Striving Union infantryman

American Civil War: Study 81
Study for a painting. Remind those Motherfucking Proud Boys that, in the end,
Heydrich got a flat tyre. Goya says Hello!

American Civil War: Study 85
Americana II (1) Sherman watches the 107th New York storm through
Columbia, South Carolina, February 1865 (2) Bart turns green – whether
the approach of the Jedi was the cause of this remains an open question
(3) CB (4) Fallen Statue (5) Ghost ironclad on the Mississippi outside
Vicksburg, 1863 (6) Dancing in the Street and Baby It’s You
(7) S C sings into the microphone, 1964 (8) R P
(9) Grey Massachussetts mourning bodice, 1864

American Civil War: Study 89
Americana V: Mirror (1) FH (2) TS and JC (3) BT (4) KC (5) CC (6) RP
(7) AJ (8) EH (9) CK (10) J-P B

American Civil War: Study 84
Warhol’s Chair: Warhol himself a fomentor of, and by now, the venerable and
revered patriarch of American consumership, now finds himself consumed by
American consumership

American Civil War: Study 32
Lost part of his left ear at 2nd Bull Run, August 1862. Here, in this drawing,
weary on a break from the front-line trenches at Petersburg, January 1865.
Infantryman of the 97th New York

American Civil War: Study 49
Mounted American Civil War bust with Goyaesque time traveller who
(or should it be which?) arrives on a three-legged stool, in a landscape
near Antietam

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