C-type print
59.5 cm x 84 cm
Edition of ten


Queen Boudiccia, love it..
Don't worry about the work situation, I always view negative people as jealous, its so empowering.. So yeh, holistic horticulture.. Permaculture, I suggested the course for myself at my old work, when they asked if there was any course i wanted to do, but they scoffed at it.. so unawares, no vision, no soul..
But yes, to have an interconnected garden, an unkempt wild garden that works for the garden, hidden skill, thats my bag...
Ci vediamo
Passeé un bonne soiree

Sarah Cameron shows paintings and a photograph with a piece of borrowed furniture, an email and another text by a friend. The paintings were made at Bourgeois in Catford, a barn in Wales, a friend’s studio in Lancashire and in a tenement in New Lanark.
Paintings and photographs use landscape and the shape of lettering as a structure and are worked on over years.